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From the creators of Surufest, winner of 2019 UIAA Rock Climbing Festival Award

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It's a good time for CLIMBING in Delhi

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Mohit Oberoi - Dhauj 1990

When you think of the outdoors and rock climbing, Delhi isn't the first destination that comes to mind despite having a long history of rock climbing passionately nurtured by a community of dedicated climbers dating back to the 70's. Contrary to long standing notions of the metropolis as a hotbed of crime and pollution, Delhi's diverse topography has a lot to offer to nature and adventure aficionados.

If rock climbing is a growing sport in Delhi today, it is only because of the enormous efforts of the climbers who scour through the city's interiors searching for rocky contours, hidden crags, most of them lost amidst seas of acacia trees and urban development projects. Climbing, in this case, ceases to be just a sport as it begins to create a sense of belonging amongst people of diverse backgrounds having one thing in common which is their love for the outdoors. There is nothing more wonderful than accomplishing a common goal and ours has always been to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.

It is this feeling of community that continues to fuel the expansion of the climbing scene in Delhi. Like any other growing sport, there have been many setbacks and general obstacles such as lack of proper gear or the inaccessibility of certain climbing locations in the past. The first wave of climbers came together as a community back in the late 70s who managed to open and preserve some of the most iconic crags in India and also the vision to only have ground up ascents and the idea of not converting these pure trad crags into a bolted sport area were a part of the legacy. They have since, through unofficial mentorship passed the baton forward to the newer lot.

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Shubhendu Kaushik - Dhauj 1989

Now after all these years the community has progressed leaps and bounds and the introduction of bouldering as a sport and the availability of crash mats have been a game changer. Several boulder areas located within the city and many more are being discovered. Through this process the community has also managed to establish some of the finest gyms to train at. All in all, it’s a good time for climbing in Delhi.

The reason behind starting these trips for beginners and other outdoor enthusiasts is to make real outdoor climbing more accessible while maintaining safety standards. It is an effort to grow the community while also finding employment opportunities and encourage stronger climbers to develop leadership skills.

The current team consists of seasoned outdoor professionals who otherwise lead similar trips in the Himalayas and our goal is to create a bigger team of such professionals, who can also help individuals to be independent in the outdoors.

We as a team have a lot of experience managing climbing trips as we have put together the iconic Surufest which won the UIAA award for the best climbing festival in the world for 2019 and also put together various other rock trips for the community. We also developed the sport and multi pitch crag at Shey and Ney in Ladakh, and now have realized the potential that Delhi holds for spreading the sport further.

COVID-19 Update

1. Please ensure you wear your mask at all times.

2. There will be enough space at the site to practice social distancing.

3. There will be sanitizers available at the site for use at any time.

4. If you're feeling unwell please avoid stepping out.

Rock CLimbing Trips


Summer : Apr - Aug 4 pm to 7.30 pm

Winter : Sept - Mar 11 am to 3 pm

Introduction to Rock Climbing

The introductory session is designed for people of all strengths and background. the participants will learn about basic climbing technique, some knots, equipment and get to climb a lot. our intention is to develop a basic understanding among the participants about climbing and the safety measures.

We will start off with some stretching and warm up exercises and a briefing on safety. You will be given a simple demo of the climb along with required instructions. The routes are of different difficulty and it will be an exciting experience for the first timer. Each climber will get enough climbs individually and by the end of the session have some understating of climbing movement.

Top Rope Climbing - Damdama

The Damdama crag is located close to Damdama Lake and in a stunning setting. It’s around an hour’s drive south of Delhi and the crag is east facing and remains in shade during the summer months. There are many excellent climbs in this area suitable for climbers of all strength.

We will start off with some stretching and warm up exercises and a safety briefing. The climbers will be guided through some basic knots and climbing equipment that is required for climbing. The climbing is generally slab but with a variety of movement with thrilling exposure on some of the climbs. There are plenty of easy route for the beginners and also challenging ones for more experienced climbers.

Top Rope Climbing - Dhauj

Dhauj is the main site for outdoor climbing in Delhi with over 200 routes that were developed during the 80s and the 90s. The climbing is generally pretty steep with some overhanging faces also. There is a mix of grades and the area has something to offer to all climbers. It is a very vast and spread out area and we can choose the climbs depending on heat or the general strength of the group.

We will start off with some stretching and warm up exercises and a safety briefing. The climbers will be guided through some basic knots and climbing equipment that is required for climbing. The rock is very slick and most climbing is on edges, cracks and crimps. Very interesting movement and since our sessions are top roped the nerve wrecking exposure is missed out unlike when you lead it on trad. There are many routes in all the areas a climber can climb to his hearts delight.

Top Rope Climbing 5.8 and Up

This trip is designed for stronger climbers who are not comfortable leading yet, but would like to climb more challenging routes. These trips can be organized in any of the locations around Delhi depending on the group size. Apart from climbing harder lines the participants will also pick up on other essential skills required for climbing outdoors like -

  • • Belaying
  • • Knots
  • • Building Basic Anchors
  • • Leave No Trace


Bouldering in the parks of Delhi is a magical experience, considering the dense concrete infrastructure of the city. These parks are located mostly in south Delhi and offer excellent bouldering on sandstone and quartzite blocks. Apart from climbing some aesthetic problems the focus will be on learning spotting techniques, taking a fall, down climbing, crash pad placement, leave no trace. The location of the trip will depend on the size of the group. Below are some of the bouldering areas around Delhi –

  • • Sanjay van
  • • Lado sarai
  • • Tughlakabad
  • • Garden of 5 senses
  • • Bedhakal gorge

Love from Climbers

Frequently Asked Questions

These should answer some of your questions

What should i bring?
  • Be in comfortable clothing you can work out in
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • At least 2 litres of water per person
  • Towel
  • Personal medication
  • A Cap
  • Rain covers in case it looks like it might rain
You can do an online transfer after registering online or pay directly at the venue
The charges include all climbing gear and climbing shoes if we have your size. It does not include food , water and transport
This is strictly a rock climbing trip and we will not be arranging for any other activities
We will open around 5 top rope routes and you can also do some variations
Yes you can as long as the dog is friendly.
Yes we will have some extra water but make sure you carry atleast 2 litres
We will have a full first aid kit at the venue.
The climbing area is in the village of Dhauj, the location will be shared with you on whatsapp post registration confirmation.
No. While gym climbing experience is helpful, climbing outdoors is still a fun activity without any prior experience…..
Yes, But they must fill out a waiver and take a belay test if they are going to belay you. They must also register and pay for the climbing session.
Every book on the topic will tell you, climbing has inherent dangers; it is an adventure sport. If you are well trained and are using the correct equipment and techniques, your safety level is dramatically increased. For us at Delhi climbs, safety is our number one concern. If you have questions or concerns about your safety, we will be happy to talk to you and answer any questions.
Yes, but children must be accompanied by an adult and we do have a minimum age criteria of 10 years.
We start at about 3:30 pm and climb till sundown. With winters coming, we will start earlier. Any changes will be communicated.

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Registration for Weekend Climbs

I am aware that Rock Climbing is inherently a dangerous activity and entails a significant risk factor caused by human error or forces of nature. I recognize that such risks are unpredictable, and they may cause injury or death. I recognize that such dangers will be present on the climbing trip organized by graviT climbing. I am also aware that medical services/facilities and rescue services will not be easily available or accessible during the trip. By signing this waiver, I acknowledge that the risks have been explained to me.I hereby assume all risk of illness, injury, death and hereby release and discharge graviT climbing and agents, associates and employees from all actions, claims or demands for damages resulting from my participating in the trip.I hereby indemnify and agree that foregoing obligation shall be binding upon me personally as well as upon my heirs, executors and administrators, all members of my family including any minor accompanying me. I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its contents and hence am signing it of my own free will. I also note that I will not try any activity without the supervision of instructors. *


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