Deep within, we have a desire to explore. With this curiosity comes the rise of a new wave.  Suru Valley is yet to be discovered by most from the outside world. It’s a place with potential for all forms of adventure and extreme sports.

Experienced climbers will love the adventure of scoping out new crags and routes, as well as bouldering with some of the best climbers from India and other countries.

We also warmly welcome novice climbers, who will have the opportunity to learn from peers. There will also be some introductory sessions for those who want them.

Last year Suru Valley became a playground for climbers from all across the world at our very first bouldering festival there. This year packs more adrenaline and adventure than before, so come join the exploration and find your problem!

About suru valley

Suru Valley has an average elevation of 3000 m extending from Kargil to Panzella is most fertile part of Ladakh. This valley encompasses the basin of the Suru River, fed by the Panzella glacier. The peaks of Nun (7,135m) and Kun (7,035m) mountains crown the breathtaking landscape of this scenic region.

The area is rich in wildlife. Red bear, wolves, ibex and mountain goats are found in plenty. Snow leopards are occasionally seen in winter, when they come down from the higher, colder habitats.

The Suru valley is inhabited by 25,000 by people of Dard and Tibetan descent. In Kargil and the lower Suru Valley , the majority of the population are followers of Shi’a Islam, having converted from Tibetan Buddhism in the 16th century under the direction of Thi-Namgyal.

From our last festival:

“Need to come here more often. The climbing is great, the people are spectacular, and the food was mind blowing!” – Sadiq Mansoor, Singapore

“Never imagined such a world class boulder destination apart from Hampi. This place has some really great memories for me. Suru has a very special place in my heart.” – Vikas K Jerry

“Very first rock climbing trip and this placed got me hooked onto climbing, definitely want to be here!!” –  Varun Mishra, India